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Doufexis Travel services has been providing quality excursions for over 25 years; taking visitors to the most spectacular sights in the region and giving them a chance to get a real reflection of Greek history and local life.

An opportunity to experience an insight into the region known as the Mani, making stops in its hidden villages, to discover their secrets, traditions and hero’s. The  ……  Read More

Drive through the Taygetos Mountains, enjoying spectacular views of the breath-taking Langada Gorge and Langada Pass. The city of Mystras, protected by ….  Read More

This trip takes you north to the site of Ancient Olympia, home to the first Olympic Games nearly 3,000 years ago. Enjoy the beautiful location and soak ….  Read More

An opportunity to explore the characteristic and unspoilt fishing village of Ag Nikolaos where you will visit a number of local tavernas and bars to experience …..  Read More

Enjoy a visit to the historical site of the old capital city of Messinia set on the side of mount Ithomi. Take your time exploring this vast site which is …….  Read More

Don’t miss this ideal opportunity to combine a little bit of sightseeing with some shopping in the beautiful capital city of Messinia. Explore the old town and …….  Read More

A great experience to spend an evening in the historic town of Kardamyli, startingwith a guided tour of the old town you will then have free time to explore the …..  Read More

This beautiful journey will take you along the stunning Viros gorge to the town of Proastio; there you will take in the fountain of Melission and …..  Read More

Visit the world-famous town of  Monemvasia, often referred to as the “Gibraltar of Greece”. The seaward side of this charming Byzantine fortified village has ….  Read More

Take this wonderful opportunity to cruise the Messinian Gulf. Depart from Stoupa at 10:00 and set sail for the traditional fishing harbour of Kitries, stopping along ….  Read More

This stunning boat trip will take you down the coast to some the most enchanting lake caves in Europe. Once you arrive you will be transported ….  Read More