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Step Back in Time

Step back in time with this beautiful journey that will take you along the stunning Viros gorge to the town of Proastio; there you will take in the fountain of Melission and the history of the village. You will then be taken higher up the mountainside to the village of Exochori to visit the Folklore museum followed by a coffee stop with a view that cannot be matched. The journey will continue through the historic village of Saidona and onto Kastania. In Kastania you will see the Dourakis Tower and the Famous St. Peters church. We will stop in a local Taverna for a traditional lunch and a glass of wine.

An unmissable opportunity to see some of the hidden Mani villages and learn about their past history and life to this day. Each village we visit or pass through has its own unique history and story to tell.

With no road or water system until the late 1960’s how did they travel, communicate and generally survive? What was life like? Why are the Mani tower houses unique to this region?

Our journey through the Taygetos mountains takes us first to Proastio were we visit the Melission fountain. As we stroll through the village we will take in the local architecture and discover some of the 30 plus churches that still exist.

We will then travel further up the mountainside to reach the village of Exochori. Here we will visit a beautiful folklore museum which houses a collection of historical items that have been put together by the local villagers.

Continuing our excursion, we will journey up the side of the Viros gorge to our coffee stop. The breathtaking venue clings to the edge of the Viros gorge and is one of the most beautiful places to stop for coffee.

After our coffee break, we will make our way across the mountains to Kastania, the village known as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’. Here we visit the Dourakis Tower and the famous church of St Peter. Then at a village taverna we will sit for tradition light Mani lunch and glass of wine.

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Lunch and a glass of wine are included in the price

Suitable for all ages.

Not suitable for people with walking difficulties as some of the village roads can be classed as steep and uneven.

Suitable shoes recommended

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