Events and DMC Services

Delivering Service


Our Events and DMC Services team provides creative and custom-made travel solutions. With the goal to deliver first class quality and to guarantee the best services to meet your high expectations. We have a very open minded approach to new ways of conducting business and implementing improvements in our services and work practices. Taking pride in our ability to make adjustments in response to the needs and business requirements of our customers.

We have the local knowledge and contacts to help you to make your event a success! With the destination know-how and eagerness to improve every day and with every request; our emphasis is on good quality, perfect service, and the setting of standards and procedures that enables to support you.

Doufexis services portfolio includes:

Over the years, strong relationships with suppliers have been built up, and Doufexis Travel Services has become a reliable partner for them, guaranteeing the delivery of excellent services through our motivated team.

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