Road Safety Policy

The Road Safety Policy of Charalampos Doufexis “Doufexis Travel Services” is expressed through the Road Safety System of the company, according to the international standard EN ISO 39001: 2012.

Recognizing its role in road safety as a company that carries out Passengers Road Transport, the company adopts the vision of reducing and eliminating serious and fatal road accidents as the fundamental objective of its Road Safety System.

The Management of the company takes into account the requirements of its customers, partners, and other stakeholders, current legislation, modern know-how, technological developments, quality control capabilities, market and competition conditions and other related factors with the business position of the company in the Greek market, is committed:

To provide all the necessary means and resources for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the Road Safety System and the continuous improvement of its performance.
The company, in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the performance of the road safety system, has established the establishment and review of its objective goals and objectives for road safety and their achievement plans, which are supported by:

The review of the achievement of the objectives and their suitability.
The analysis of risks, opportunities, and factors of road safety performance
The staffing of the company with appropriate, competent, and well-trained staff
The selection of reliable suppliers and partners.
Consistency and reliability in meeting customer requirements
The equipment of the company with modern, comfortable and safe means of transport
Equipping the company with specialized software applications and monitoring systems that enhance road safety.
The recording, investigation of the causes, and proper management of all road accidents
The recording and reduction of any failures with the aim of continuous / quality improvement of the provided services and the achievement of the road safety objectives
The review of the Road Safety System by the Administration
The Management of the company is committed to ensuring that the Road Safety Policy:

To be known and understood by all its staff through posted signs in appropriate places of the workplace, appropriate information, and training.
To be known to the customers, the suppliers-partners of the company, and to the other interested parties.
To be reviewed in terms of its continuous suitability.
Finally, and from this position, the Management of the company is explicitly committed to complying with the Laws and Regulations related to its operation and the services it provides.

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