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Monemvasia – Private Sightseeing Tour

Visit Monemvasia on our private sightseeing tour. Monemvasia is often referred to as the “Gibraltar of Greece”. The seaward side of this charming Byzantine fortified village has been beautifully restored over a period of 20 years, full of cobbled winding lanes and alleyways. You will have time to browse the little boutique shops for souvenirs and unique jewellery. To get a feel for the history hidden in its stones, walk right to the end of the winding cobbled alleys and about 30 minutes up the steep path to the top of the rock to see Agios Sophia, the church from where the views are breathtaking.

Prefer the company of a group tour? Explore our Monemvasia group tours and join fellow travelers for an immersive journey through this captivating medieval town.

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